Cees Houttuin was trained as a civil engineer in the 1920s. This innovate thinker recognized the need for industrial pumps which could handle large quantities of highly viscous liquids without the costly loss of energy during operation. Based on Archimedes'' screw principle the young engineer in 1929 designed and built his first rotating twin screw pump for the Dutch coal mines and with that laid the foundation of Houttuin Pumps. The power of his concept has earned Houttuin a solid reputation in the pumping industry as a supplier of high quality, energy-saving and cost-effective industrial pumps.



The company was first established by Mr. C. Houttuin as ''Houttuin''s Machinefabriek'' on the 15th June 1929 and was located in a former warehouse situated in a different part of Utrecht than the present factory.Since then the factory has specialized in manufacturing twin geared double screw pumps originally for marine functions later also extensively for industry.In 1932 the first patent for the Houttuin rotating twin screw positive displacement (PD) pump was registered.The still valid maxim of the founder ''ONLY THE BEST IS GOOD ENOUGH!'' kept the business prosperous even in the great depression of the 30''s.In 1939 the factory moved to its present location. After a most favourable period of expanding business from both at home and other countries it became necessary to extend the factory in order to keep up with demand, this was carried out in 1961. ''HOUTTUIN'' in those days called HOUTTUIN POMPEN N.V. was an independent private company until the middle of 1973 when it became a part of the German ''Allweiler'' group going under the name of ''Allweiler Houttuin Pompen B.V.''. During the period November 1988 until January 1995 the company was independent. Than it became a member of the ''ALLWEILER Group'' again. Since 1998 ''Houttuin B.V.'' belongs together with the well-known ''Allweiler'', ''IMO Pump'' and ''Warren'' to the ''Colfax Pump Group'', one of the leading pump manufacturers.

Since 2018 Houttuin is part of Circor Pumping Technologies and is located in Delden.

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Houttuin BV
Last modified:  01/15/2018