The HOUTTUIN screw pumps can be applied for pumping all kinds of liquids. They are very suitable for pumping highly viscous products such as tar, bitumen, molasses, syrup, vegetable oil, lubricating oil, fuel oil, bunker oil etc.Also low viscosity products such as gas oil, kerosene, water, petrol, solvents etc. can be pumped very efficiently.In addition to selling our products we can give when requested, technical advice about the possibilities and most suitable constructions. It is no exaggeration to state that our pumps are known all over the world for quality and reliability.In order to achieve and maintain our high level of quality, all product design, construc¬tion, manufacturing and testing is carried out in our own factory. Continuous research and testing results in various new design and construction techniques. 


To enable Houttuin to manufacture the very complex screw shafts to the extremely high precision required, Houttuin had special purpose C.N.C. machines designed and built by a reputable machine manufacturing company to meet their own specific requirements, thereby guaranteeing the production of screw shafts to very high standards. This machinery is moved to our manufacturing location in India, guaranteeing the same robust construction and capable of working to very fine tolerances, because of this it is possible for Houttuin to machine with the greatest precision.


Of equal importance to the quality of our product is our test facility, where every pump undergoes a hydrostatic and running test. The running test is performed in a manner approximating as near as possible the actual duty conditions. Various other tests may be carried out according to individual customer requirements, as well as independent inspections by the relevant authorities such as Lloyds.


In line with our policy of quality, all Houttuin Pumps are manufacturred and tested according the high standard of quality with which Houttuin is associated.

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Last modified:  01/15/2018