Self-priming horizontal screw pump for lubricating liquids


The Houttuin double entry twin screw pumps series 211.10 are vertical rotating self priming positive displacement pumps.Two inter-meshing screws rotating in a pump casing ensure high pumping efficiency with constant axial flow and unequalledsuction power.



The spindles are supported and axially held in position by ball bearings. The transmission of torque from the driven spindle to the idler spindle is effected by product lubricated timing gears in an attached gearbox. The ball bearings and timing gears maintain a small clearance between the screws, thus preventing metal to metal contact.


Shaft sealing 

Product lubricated single unbalanced mechanical seal


Overload protection 

For protection against overload a built-on spring loaded relief valve can be supplied.



For pumping lubricating oils, hydraulic oils or other lubricating fluids which do not contain abrasive substances nor chemically attack the pump materials. As lube oil pump in ship and offshore engineering, as filling pumps in tank farms and in hydraulic systems.



Lubricating oils

Hydraulic oils

Clean fuel oils



Main lub oil pumps

Auxiliary lub oil pumps

Hydraulic systems

Fuel oil transfer systems



Performance data  
Capacity Viscosity range Temperature of pumped liquid Inlet pressure Outlet pressure Difference pressure Speed Flanges Q V t ps pd dp n up to 600 m³/h 20 to 760 cSt up to 80 ºC up to 6 bar up to 16 bar up to 16 bar up to 2900 rpm according to DIN or ANSI



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Last modified:  07/10/2009